April 8th, 2021
A scorching hot winter for BC real estate

The British Columbia real estate market is on fire. Offers are being made on properties sight unseen, without subjects, for hundreds of thousands over the asking price. Can this last? No one knows, but that the moment it doesn’t look like the government is planning on taking any steps to cool the market.

While it is exciting, it also feels very out of control. There is a sense of urgency and some people feel that if they don’t take the leap now they’ll be missing out on a great opportunity.

But as a wise frog once said, look before you leap.

The only thing worse than missing out on a great deal is making a terrible one. We can help ensure that your real estate transaction is set up to provide you with the maximum protection available to you. Our firm has over 65 years of experience dealing with real estate, and our five-person team is set up to ensure that the process is quick, smooth, and efficient.

So put your feet up and watch some HGTV. You did the hard work in finding the place, and we can handle the rest.