July 19th, 2021
Why you want to take a vacation with your ex

When most people think about who they would like to take on vacation, their ex-spouse is generally not on that list. However, Rodney Lacroix is going viral with a post detailing his vacation plans with his wife, ex-wife, and ex-wife’s new partner.

In 2009 the couple separated and eventually divorced after 14 years of marriage. As one would expect, at first things were hard and grudges were held. But at their daughter’s 16th birthday they reconciled and renewed their friendship. Now the two couples often vacation together with all of the children, making for one big happy family.

“People thought it was odd that my wife and I were vacationing the same week and staying in the same complex as my ex-wife and her husband,” Rodney wrote. “Then the looks got really weird when I told them that the four of us were going back in two weeks and staying together in the same unit.”

Why is a divorce lawyer writing about this? Well, because this what we would like to see for our clients. This is not always possible, and sometimes it is not advisable, but creating a new future that allows two parents to work closely together for their kids is the best possible outcome. It is important in the heat of litigation not to forget that if you draw blood, it may leave scars that will not heal. A good lawyer will try to ensure that your divorce is fair without damaging your relationship beyond repair.

No one wants to be the divorced couple that has to be kept apart at the wedding reception. Keep in mind the future that your children would want you to have, so when the time comes you can raise a glass to toast your wonderful kids together.